4 Ever


I dunno what it is... that time of the year or what, but everyone seems relationshipally (i created that word) jaded.

In general it seems to me like there are 2 kinds of people, the ones that get married and the ones that can't save a relationship to save their life. I'm definitely the latter.

I often wonder if its our generation or just the time/life period that which i currently occupy.

Gender roles are another thing that are totally jacked. I blame in on consumerism, but I will save that for another time. Women define and rule the relationships now, they are first to cheat, they make the rules and the guy just takes it... its a strange world we live in.

In more than one case that I've recently encountered people now like to hurt. I created a a quote about 5 minutes ago "The scars only exist if you look at them." People love their scars and let those scars clothe and define them.

There is no such thing as a bad experience. As long as there is experience it can't be bad.. Long Term that is.

My father once said something that has eternally affected my out look on love and life in general. and that is;

Think of that guy in the wheelchair, that one with that lame disease where there mind works just fine but nothing else does.....

How they wish they had my problems for just a day.

Just one day.

They will never experience that amazing feeling you get when you first get with that love interest...they will never experience any of the amazing feelings that led up to why you hate your ex... they will never have anything but a cold metal wheelchair.

The thought of that always makes me feel better... for myself that is.


My Rad Cousin "The Bryman" [for the ladies]

Here is his gf application.

Bryan believes what while looks are important to the initial part of a relationship, he is more concerned with having a great personality.

Bryan has never had an official girlfriend per say, he has been keeping his options open maintaining his purity for that special girl.

Bryan has many rare talents that most would not expect. He is a very talented musician; his repertoire includes; Banjo, Bagpipes, Jaw Harp, Bodrhan, Didjeridoo, Ukulele, Spoons, and the Penny Whistle.

Bryan can bench press over 300 lbs.

He is very proud of his Polish, German, Irish, and Norwegian heritage. He mainly claims his Polish blood.

Bryan was awarded "The nicest buttocks on campus" by Boivin and Whitefox in 2008.

Bryan looks like the living statute of David, but with a large Polish Sausage. Rather than that tiny little pickle made famous by Michelangelo.

On the weekends Bryan enjoys things such as; Attending Church, Eating lunch with his closest friends, Playing his instruments, Enjoying the sun at the beach, Writing poetry int he park, Going out to eat, and whatever else Berrien Springs and the neighboring burrows have to offer.

"He is a gentleman and a scholar" -Derek Peters

"He is the funniest #$%^**() guy that I know" -Seth Wiedermann

"His bag and pipes are huge" -Van Malcolm

"He says hilarious things such as "that was my nick name in high school" instead of the lame "mom" and "thats what she said" jokes" -Stephanie Wilson

"He turned be down, because I only wanted sex, and my personality is weak." -Jessica Alba

"He used to beat me up in High School" -Chuck Norris



I wish i was good at soccer/football/calcio

The look on those danged foreign kids faces after they
beat me in the gam... no hobb... no past time of euro
football makes me furious inside. Its the dumbest past
time ever. I have immense respect for it in Europe, but
it should stay there. I would like to play any of those
kids with the smiles on their faces in any other sport
(minus ping pong) and good American sport... in America.
I would wipe that smile off their faces so quick. US Football,
basketball, golf, BASEBALL!! We would see who is laughing then.
Atleast I play soccer to make their tournaments better, they
don't even play my sports because they are too embarrassed
that they have no eye-hand coordination. So what if I have no
eye-foot coordination, this foot can find their ass and thats
all I need it for.

Final Shoot

This is a blog for my final shoot.

I am looking for models... and have a schedule for them.

I am looking for a good variety of models with a certain look.

If you are willing let me know and I will see if I can use you.

I am mainly looking for girls at this point.

Sunday 4/20



11:00 Amanda DeMercy

11:30 Matthew Park


1:00 Andrew Osano

1:30 Tyler Burns


2:30 Tim Wolfer






5:30 Bryan Szflarski

6:00 Rich Beckermeyer



7:30 Allison Dorich

8:00 Mateja Horonics


9:00 Hockey Game

9:30 Hockey game

10:00 Kelsey Davis

10:30 Brandon Lowry
11:00 DP

Looking for Models

Hey Friends (girls)

I'm working on a person photo project, on nudes.

Its a pritty basic concept, you'll come over to my house.

Then I'll be taking mental pictures while you just keep posing

in many different poses, kind of like dancing, while you take

off your clothes as slowly as possible.

Let me know if you are available.



Cell Phone

Works Again.

So call me and give me the latest.


Thats my cell phone numba hit me up on the low


Im Convinced.

I am now against the fur industry

watch this video and you will be too.

To You. [know who]

This is a blog to a friend who has the predicament of wanting to buy some reefer from a former lover.


First of all I obviously am not the one to ask for advice. Just look at my love/life/drug..

I do have the gift of bullshit and false wisdom, however. So here we go... we will call this guy...Mitch, the secret agent lover man...

I would say to you that its okay to deal with former lovers in friendly/neutral terms as long as you are using them. thats how i see it. you gotta do exactly what you want and what makes you happy.

and if sticky icky makes you happy then get it. .. however be weary because it might not be the sweet Buddha it could be oregano I almost got taken for that once haha.

either way.. when you make the purchase of this fine Djamba... look at it sketically then smell it, then look at it skeptically again, then taste it like you have a danged PHD in ganj.

then ask how much for this shitty kush, when he says the price look at him like hes grown a penis on his forehead. and laugh like hes joking, it doesn't matter if the magic dragon is the best chronic you've ever saw, with crystals so big it makes your panties moist.

he should at least cut his own overhead down a bit, if not act insulted and then the next time maybe it'll be better cheebs. when you get it, it might not hurt to again be insulted at the quantity in which you receive, and comparing the small amount you receive for your 60 bucks to his wiener size would be another good cut.

either way he should feel stoopid for selling you ditch weed. you could even ask if it is ditch weed. that'll get him too.

keep the focus more on the Siddi in which you are about to buy than the fact that you sat on his face in the recent past.

If this is all done properly your purchasing dro from an x-lover should be short and pleasant.

I hope this was of help


Why can't we all combine into one universal I.M.?

Skype - derekp13

Yahoo - derekp13

MSN - derekpeters04@hotmail.com

AIM - rhitownhusla

Its getting to be too much.

Bad Nostalgia

As of late I have been seeing a surplus of a fad
that I thought for sure wouldn't come back around
until more like the year 1025. It was an epidemic
when I was in elementary school, up until about the
6th or 7th grade. I can honestly say that I never had
one, I can also honestly also say that I wanted one so bad,
and for once in life i can say that I'm glad my parents
wouldn't let me fit in with the cool kids. I swear
tho, if wide legs limpbizkit and flannel shirts with hoods come
back. I think I may have to move to canada.
I guess it has evolved from all the other recent haircuts,
its better than all the cool kids all with womens haircuts.
I think currently its still in a Beatles holding pattern,
but the bowl cut is on the rise... mark my words
I'm glad that I'm not in High School anymore.


Q & A

At what point/age do you become that creepy older guy?


The Grreatest!

I need some golfing buddies.

I miss the smell of the fresh cut, green, green grass.

That little "tink" as the driver hits the ball.

The sun shining on your face and the cool breeze in your hair.

The clanking of your balls and clubs as you drive the cart over a bump.

Wearing polo shirts and khakis and actually fitting in.

It's just you and God's elements all around.

A battle against yourself and the give-or-take 300 yards ahead.

When you are standing there, ready to tee off...

You aren't thinking about HW, girls, money, work, child support...



Pondering life as another year goes by...

Someday I want to be able to look back on it all and say: "I did the best I could what the time I had" Anywhere... at Andrews... at work... at home... where ever.

A question I thought about today was this... When my empire falls, when it all goes to shit... what and [mainly]who will still be there beside me?

that is a fundamental... as basic as it gets question we should ask ourselves.

I have some amazing friends, ive been overly blessed with friends that would take a bullet for me. thats tuff.

i recently lost someone close to me she didn't pass on she jsut sorta passed by and it'll make you realize that there are some people you don't forget, but if you can remember the things that she loved, those things that made her happy, if you can see those things and remember her smile and just know that shes doing fine, you'll be alright and so will she.

Oh btw...When I die... I want to die to the song "THREE FLIGHTS UP" By Yellowcard.

Also at my funeral I want someone to tie ropes to my major limbs and reinact all the major events of my life.


5 Million Dollars

What would you do with 5 million dollars?

I sit around too often thinking about it.

Here is what I would do...

+Pay off my loans and for the rest of college - 45,000
+Make my sister go to college - 100,000
[if she goes to a community college she could pocket at least 90]
+Pay my parents back -500,000
[thats about the tab that ive picked up over the years]
+Buy a Dodge Viper -100,000
+Buy 100+ acres of good land and build 10+ houses to rent out -2,500,000
I would name it [DP Estates]
so that gives me... +($2,255,000) left...
+I would then require a nice hog -40,000
+I would need a rad house -750,000
[this includes all interior needs]
+I would travel around the world -500,000
so how much do i have left...
At this point i need to either save or invest...
I choose to invest...
I don't know anything about investments.
So i would prolly go shopping and buy some nice Italian suits and shoes. -100,000
I think I would then want to be immortalized somehow...
I would build a [DP] gym at Andrews... that wouldnt be enough money tho...
but it could get me a statue or something.
now im broke ass... and i can live off of my house rentals


It Hurts

Is there a way to stop your brain from running so fast?

Besides drugs and alcohol?


In Boca Al Lupo [ventitre anni ragazzo]

I'm a [nearly] 23 year old boy. Everyone around me is graduating and getting married. What the heck? Whats this rush for the ring? I can't even hold down a relationship for more than a year or two. How do these people think that they are going to want to be married 5, 10, 20 years from now? "In Boca Al Lupo" to them. I have weddings on my mind because I get to be in 2 this summer. This is actually a huge honor for me because not too long ago people went out of their way to make sure i didn't know about their weddings... not that i wanted to go to their smelly weddings anyway. Then somewhere along the line i shot a few weddings to the surprise of those other bastards... and somehow I slowly weaseled my way into the wedding community. I'm a groomsman for my cousin B and also for Ruben. Hopefully the bachelors party will include a few lap dances for dp... I can't imagine how you can be sure enough about someone to want to spend the rest of your life with them, that shiz is scary. You have to pay bills, get jobs, pay taxes, buy groceries, pay for insurance, cell phones, counseling... This is why I am a 23-year-old boy.

In Crepe Lupo


poison eye-vee

all over my hands... and now on my eye lids!!


thats no april fools joke.


these youtube videos take the itch away...

this first one made me laugh harder than any other youtube video...