I'm just going to say it...

I was just thinking about how rude it would be to wake up early and drink a bunch of coffee, then go home and piss in the coffee pot. Your roommates would wake up to the smell of hot coffee, and be real stoked only to find that it is coffee flavored piss.


Flowers in your hair.

So the plan.


Around the US in 15 days... actually i'm skipping the east coast cuz ive saw most of it.

I want to do some alien hunting and see some people out in cali. ive never been west of colorade and I was younger than buck in those days.

I just want to see things and take pictures of those things, so if you are in Cali and want to let me borrow ya couch. that would be nice of you.

food will also be accepted with a smile. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should see while im away?

Grand canyon.. hollywood... area 51... roswell... etc? holla

[From Chris Lyons]
no lie ive been planning the same kinda thing, but i never considered the train angle. hmm. i wanna have a daily or bi-daily blog with photography when i do it. you should sign up here http://www.couchsurfing.com/
it's a network of people who share their couches for free.
1. in AZ you def wanna see Grand Canyon and the Red Rock Country
2. colorado has garden of the gods and mesa verde to name a few, not to mention badass snowboarding and rock climbing
3. Cali has everything. Alcatraz, Yosemite, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, John Muir Trail, hollywood, golden gate bridge, and the whole coastline is amazing for photography
4. Oregon has the Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake
5. S. Dakota has the badlands
6. If you're in Utah you wanna see monument valley
7. Wyoming has Yellowstone Natl park
8. Las vegas in nevada and area 51
9. of course there's roswell NM
i know there are a million amazing places to go that i missed but there- you have some options

LIghts in the Sky

Last Night we went and saw Nine Inch Nails in Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Center.
We got there and they upgraded us to VIP for some reason. It was rad. Their lightshow was amazing. They has a screen in front of them and a screen behind. The screen in front was like... interactive.

Theres tons of videos online already...

So Glad

So glad these darned elections are over, hopefully I won't have to hear about it anymore, and have democrats try to tell me that that i think or believe is wrong and how there is only one way to think.I'm not so stoked on our president elect, but I wasnt stoked on Bill Clinton either and he turned out to be a pretty rad prez. I think that with the way the world is going there is only one direction that the world will be going and that isnt up, and that isnt a bad thing.

I have to apologize for my lack of interesting blogs. I have secretly figured out what one of the big stimuli is, the other is my killer class schedule.

I used to feel so responsible for entertaining my flock, and I haven't had a decent blog that was worth reading in months.

So i decided for my next blog that i am going to require something from you... send me a picture of yourself performing the WU TANG symbol with your hands.

do it right now before you forget.

Done getcha mid blown

watch this...

and watch x-files season 7 episode 13.

This will end those deceiving girls stupid "myspace shots"


This coming Sunday I am shooting the highly esteemed Berrien Spring's IAMBAND.

Masturs of sweet sexual tones over chest gripping grooves.

So without further adue: (sp?)

Production Plans:

meet at the studio at 10am
Black background til 1030
Ringflash until 1100
Fisheye until 1200
Overhead Van shot until 100
(one hour give or take for unexpected shit)

People in shoot.

Derek- Photoer
Lowry- Caddie/Wingman (guy who makes sure i dont do anything stupid.)
Jay- Asst. -Lighting expert
Thom- Asst. -Music & Lighting expert
Anali- Asst. -wardrobe and posing expert
Seth- vocals, geetar
Nate- vocals, bass
Tom- vocals, drumz
Teddy- vocals, keyz

[bridge shot]
This is one of my favorite ideas, it also helps that they drive a rad van.
I think I'm gonna shoot this maybe in Niles, unless I find a better bridge location.

I'm going to have Jay and Thom each with a light, battery pack, and meter on the ground... the plan is to shoot around f8 or higher if possible.

IAMBANDERS- around van.

Wardrobe: warms clothes.. scarves, winter hats, etc. (retroish if possible)

Props: caution cone, blanket, van...

[Fisheye shot]

For this one I'm getting Gersh's fisheye camera. location... not sure yet.

Wardrobe: whatever.

Props: dry erase markers? to write iamband or something on the van.

I think that ill just have 2 large white panels lighting it.

[Ring flash shot]
Im gonna do a rendition of this in the studio with ringflash with 4 different color backgrounds.

Wardrobe: something different that the van shoots.

[Black Bkgd Shot]

Something like this was requested so... im gonna do a spin off with a black background thats already made in the studio with holes in that that i will light from the back so it shines thru then ill have 2 lights on either side of the background.

For wardrobe: Im not exactly sure, either dressed up with ties,etc (like in that one show you/they had) ether that or... whatever clothes you/they like .

Lastly i had an idea that we can try if they want... and if we have time.

Its kind of the chili peppers nude idea. covering their stuff. with I- AM- BA- ND
written on them. I thought that might be funny.

Just lit in the cateye fashion, barndoors etc.

Hank Moody

Randomized Thought-

The life of Hank Moody is far too similar to mine.

I think the Hank Moody story might be my story.

Me Lately.

"Every Day Is Exactly The Same"

I believe I can see the future
Cause I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
But then again
That might have been a dream
I think I used to have a voice
Now I never make a sound
I just do what I've been told
I really don't want them to come around

Oh, no

Every day is exactly the same
Every day is exactly the same
There is no love here and there is no pain
Every day is exactly the same

I can feel their eyes are watching
In case I lose myself again
Sometimes I think I'm happy here
Sometimes, yet I still pretend
I can't remember how this got started
But I can tell you exactly how it will end

I'm writing on a little piece of paper
I'm hoping someday you might find
Well I'll hide it behind something
They won't look behind
I'm still inside here
A little bit comes bleeding through
I wish this could have been any other way
But I just don't know, I don't know what else I can do.

By: Trent Reznor


I jsut got my donor card back and apparently I'm O Positive.

So if any of you need some blood, i will be most accommodating.

O Positive Blood Type

Persons with O Positive Type Blood can recieve the following types of blood:

* O Positive
* O Negative

O Positive type blood can be safely given to persons with blood types:

* O Positive
* A Positive
* B Positive
* AB Positive

Some Photo Ideas

ok so i have an idea for a photoshoot that i would like lowry to help me with...

I wanna shoot someone in ITS around the computers... like... scared of the government/ alien abduction.

i wanna setup lights and stuff some night...

and they will prolly have some aluminum foil on their heads to block mind control.

and then i can have my new X files poster on the wall... not so noticable but jsut to add to a busy cluttered background

lets do it

as a side thought... there are some prime windows for staging and abduction...

I just need a semi nerdy... proper model...




Idea #2:

I just e-mailed several Funeral Homes in hopes of doing a self portrait in a casket.

Seems like it could be thought provoking...

Just me lying there in a crappy suit... will there be people around crying? i dunno..

maybe a discoball and techno music... maybe both.



This will simply require someone to push the button... or should i use the long trigger?

Should I have a reverend present? Will any funeral home go for this loony binned idea?


Idea #3-

This will double for 2 different projects... one that evolves into another...

Its something like Botticeli's Birth of Venus... sort of... anyway thats the inspiration...

It will be a girl in a vineyard? naked or not? or partially? standing on something...
in a like pose to B.O.V. holding grapes.

I need a girl a little more (or less) shapely than Venus. Dark hair... etc.

So in the end i doubt there will be much reference to BOV...

and who

Step two... I will eventually (by the end of the semester) turn it into a Mosaic for Art History class.

I plan to make my own tiles, and make my own paint... this sounds like a job for Whitefox...





Idea #4-

Maybe my best idea... the idea is to let some girls play dress up... this idea involves me not having an idea... some wicked crazy fashion shoot or something.

bright colors, techno music... energy.... yeh.... this is good.


Idea #5-

I wanna shoot The Glen Dog aka Glen the Wolfman... in his chicken suit... beer mug suit... wolf suit... leprachan suit... etc... i shot him once... but i feel like i need to again.


Idea #6-

There are a few girls at Andrews that I've been wanting to shoot... sut randoms with bright orange hair... freckles... etc... i'll email them now i think..

i wanna do a short self series with 4x5 color.


Idea #7-

Asian Shoot-- I really wanna do a bright colorful-yet high whites shoot with either 1 or 3 asians... dressed in Asianish clothes... and in my mind i see umbrellas... I see Red Green and or Yellow or Blue chinese style dresses with matching umbrellas... I also see crazy makeup ... with that rad Geisha style lipstick.


Idea # 8-

I've had an idea for a groupish hipsterish shoot... a bunch kids in the clothes the kids are wearing... those skinny jeans, spandex, those trendy scarves, sun glasses, bright colors... etc etc....


Idea # 9-

I've really been wanting to do a series on twins... there are a few running around out there... nothing solid for concept yet tho

Roswell, New Mexico

I'm thinking of going camping in Roswell for spring break or christmas break or something. Who is in? We will check out the site of the alien landing... take some metal detectors... and see how close to Area 51 we can get. Who's coming with me? Who's coming with me? who's coming? who's coming with me?

Art Students

This is definatly me!

Team Gnar Shred

Team Gnar Shred

Now has its own blog




Poppin' Shots....

I did a photoshoot for a local model a few days ago... here are a few favorites...


Gnar Shredding


So Gabriel and I are trying to become professional sandboarders.

Its harder than we thought.

It started pritty primitive with just a board that we found in Gersh's garage.


We also tried a shovel... not dice...

Then we moved to a skateboard deck... not much better

Currently we are working on modifying a Wal-Mart snowboard and an old wake board.

We have been reading many articles but nothing has been to helpful- in a freeish manner.

We don't feel like spending any money... but we did buy a cinnabun candle and an apple pie candle to give us some extra speed.

I got my first grab trick yesterday.

more to come...


Upon our 3rd trial

We learned that candle wax is grippy.

We found some new rad hills to shred the gnar on.

We need to go again with cameras and video cameras..

Our Sandboarding Crew is called Gnar Shred ™

THE END OF THE WORLD traveling. [pt.IV]

Today concluded my trip around the middle east.

The previous blogs will blow your dome scope and today and last night was a good ending to it all.

I ended my travels in Chicago the greatest city on earth. I stayed with Ian and Tyler...

[ian and tylers house]

we had a plain good night like usual...

... me and gabriel got lost to and from millenium park on our bikes...


I lost my wallet... no no my wallet was stolen by this guy that doesnt speak a real language...

...i understood "you want yayo?" and that was it.

anyway he stole it im real sure... it contained the $20 dollars that i needed to return home by train... my drivers license... my andrews id... and pictures of my children...

that was lame... so... tyler, gabriel, and I pulled together some money and to get from Division street to South Bend we found that we were short nearly 15 dollars.

So as we always do... we winged it.

[wheres derek and tyler?]

We went to Millenium Park and sat there with a sign until we have enuff money to ride the train home....


it turned out that some lady was so kind that she jsut handed us a twenty dollar bill.

that was cool... the next step would have been selling clothes and all of our possessions... selling gabriel into sex slavery... or doing things for money.

she saved us.

we made it home and here i sit a very happy dp.

[me sleeping by the observatory]

to end i would like to thank my friends that housed my sorry ass along the way...

First my mother...

next ashley

then a huge huge thanks to brad boivin- one of the best humans alive

then to tyler for begging with me.. and ian

then lowry and seth for picking us up and driving alot.

then gabriel for experiencing it all with me... you are my samwise gamgee...

to everyone i now owe... good luck seeing that money again sukkaz!!!!

dp salutes to a good summer

and more to come

[the crew]

Happy Birthday Matisyahu! [pt.III]


How do I even start this.

Tonight was equal to last night, in a whole different way.

Me and Gabriel went to see Matisyahu live in Milwaukee.

We got there 2 hours before it started and weaseled our

way into the very front very middle. This was a good start

to a great night. We had 2 big bored guys in front of us that

eventually left and we upgraded to the very front railing just

meters from the man himself. We had underage drunk girls all around

us and one thought it neccesary to rub her boobies and vaj all over

gabriel then later the same to me. everyone was making out so she

tried that shit on me but like a boss i gave the the ole face mask

and push away. boss status.

then we had some drunk guy weasel in and then cry about how his gf was out

somewhere in the crowd cheating on him to every person around he was real annoying.

i told him to get the eff over it because matis will make it all better.

then a rabbi and his son weaseled their way in. that was cool tho because his

son kept it so hood and he helped amp everyone around him.


at some point a girl threw up on our feet.

at some point some chemical was sprayed and I almost threw up.

at some point I wondered why I had wore flip flops to a concerto.

it was bad. the show was the best.

matisyahu did some new stuff and all the old classics... like jerusalem

it was his birthday so we all sang happy birthday to him.


and thats when SHIT WENT DOWN.

after being backstage yesterday i saw how the security was so intense


somehow matis convinced them to let on like 15 people onto the stage.

once they were there he yells "i want everyone on the stage"


so me and gabriel jumped up and with like 70 other people

started dancing with matisyahu!!!!!

bouncers went ape! it was nuts it turned into a crazed riot

and all kind people were getting the crap kicked out of them by the bouncers

it was total chaos. total.

so once the song was over we went backstage with him and thats the time that

gabriel and I got split up.


we both got to be by him for prolly only a few moments

but in that time gabriel got some shots... one of matis smoking a cigarette

which we wont show out of respect for his image then gabriel got pulled out

by a big ass bouncer.

then came the best part as i was being escorted out matis tosses me his yamaka.

and someone gave him a packers hat which he wore backwards for the rest of the night.

the strange thing was that on the inside of the yamaka it has someone elses name

so i have no clue where he got it...

he had a major hard him keeping things on his head for some reason

he has a couple different yamakas on and toward the beginning of the show

he wore a badgers hat backwards.

Photobucket [packershat]

i forgot to mention that i think the lead singer of my new favorite band the polyphonic

spree was up on the VIP deck that was also very trill trill.

so once all of the hoods were yanked off of the stage we had one more

song with about 10x the security guards. what can i say? it was a good night.

again like last night it was jsut one of those things that you can never live


and words will never describe.

weed smoke was also in abundance... even on the bus ride back.

our african american bus driver even had to make a "no weed smoking" announcement.


Life Update. [pt.II]

So for those who want to know what is up with me...

I quit the crappy custodial job.


I've been working for myself making better money.

I've had the best like... last 10 days ever.

The last blog explains part of it.

I'll start at the future and work to the past...


I'm going to see Matisyahu tomorrow, then I'm going to spend some time with Ian in Chicago for a day or two.

Then im gonna go back and work a bit.

Today I saw my friend Joe drum for a band called Truth in Fiction.


I got a press/back stage pass.


Jack's Mannequin was also back there.

That band sucks.


The whole thing was sponsered by Miller.


The band was real bummed to learn that they only got 12 beers for 5 members and a ton of crew to share.


It was really cool to be able to shoot between the crowd and the stage. I had bouncers protecting me from a ton of 16 year olds.

I won't lie I lived VIP status.

anyway that was cool..


The days previous I got to hang out with my friends at campmeeting.





I saw alot of friends that I haven't saw in awhile...

Casey Cunningham, Shannon Laursen, Kyle Westfall, Ashley Miller, Amanda Lane, Aaron Cook, the Martins, Kristy Chism, Mike Jakobsons, Joe Jakobsons, Alana Bongard, Ricky Otto... [more name droppping to be added as i think of them]

We went to Madison and saw Rhythm and Booms fireworks show... That was Americana at its finest.


Ah snap! I went on the GRAVATRON!! that radical fair ride where you spin at warp speeds. It was soooooo much better than i remember as a kid.... and sooo much more expensive...


...i lost my cellphone somewhere....

campmeeting was a good time... and of course i went to all of my meetings...

hit a home run in softball. dropped an easy catch. etc etc.

ive just been having a great summer so far.