Happy Birthday Matisyahu! [pt.III]


How do I even start this.

Tonight was equal to last night, in a whole different way.

Me and Gabriel went to see Matisyahu live in Milwaukee.

We got there 2 hours before it started and weaseled our

way into the very front very middle. This was a good start

to a great night. We had 2 big bored guys in front of us that

eventually left and we upgraded to the very front railing just

meters from the man himself. We had underage drunk girls all around

us and one thought it neccesary to rub her boobies and vaj all over

gabriel then later the same to me. everyone was making out so she

tried that shit on me but like a boss i gave the the ole face mask

and push away. boss status.

then we had some drunk guy weasel in and then cry about how his gf was out

somewhere in the crowd cheating on him to every person around he was real annoying.

i told him to get the eff over it because matis will make it all better.

then a rabbi and his son weaseled their way in. that was cool tho because his

son kept it so hood and he helped amp everyone around him.


at some point a girl threw up on our feet.

at some point some chemical was sprayed and I almost threw up.

at some point I wondered why I had wore flip flops to a concerto.

it was bad. the show was the best.

matisyahu did some new stuff and all the old classics... like jerusalem

it was his birthday so we all sang happy birthday to him.


and thats when SHIT WENT DOWN.

after being backstage yesterday i saw how the security was so intense


somehow matis convinced them to let on like 15 people onto the stage.

once they were there he yells "i want everyone on the stage"


so me and gabriel jumped up and with like 70 other people

started dancing with matisyahu!!!!!

bouncers went ape! it was nuts it turned into a crazed riot

and all kind people were getting the crap kicked out of them by the bouncers

it was total chaos. total.

so once the song was over we went backstage with him and thats the time that

gabriel and I got split up.


we both got to be by him for prolly only a few moments

but in that time gabriel got some shots... one of matis smoking a cigarette

which we wont show out of respect for his image then gabriel got pulled out

by a big ass bouncer.

then came the best part as i was being escorted out matis tosses me his yamaka.

and someone gave him a packers hat which he wore backwards for the rest of the night.

the strange thing was that on the inside of the yamaka it has someone elses name

so i have no clue where he got it...

he had a major hard him keeping things on his head for some reason

he has a couple different yamakas on and toward the beginning of the show

he wore a badgers hat backwards.

Photobucket [packershat]

i forgot to mention that i think the lead singer of my new favorite band the polyphonic

spree was up on the VIP deck that was also very trill trill.

so once all of the hoods were yanked off of the stage we had one more

song with about 10x the security guards. what can i say? it was a good night.

again like last night it was jsut one of those things that you can never live


and words will never describe.

weed smoke was also in abundance... even on the bus ride back.

our african american bus driver even had to make a "no weed smoking" announcement.


Life Update. [pt.II]

So for those who want to know what is up with me...

I quit the crappy custodial job.


I've been working for myself making better money.

I've had the best like... last 10 days ever.

The last blog explains part of it.

I'll start at the future and work to the past...


I'm going to see Matisyahu tomorrow, then I'm going to spend some time with Ian in Chicago for a day or two.

Then im gonna go back and work a bit.

Today I saw my friend Joe drum for a band called Truth in Fiction.


I got a press/back stage pass.


Jack's Mannequin was also back there.

That band sucks.


The whole thing was sponsered by Miller.


The band was real bummed to learn that they only got 12 beers for 5 members and a ton of crew to share.


It was really cool to be able to shoot between the crowd and the stage. I had bouncers protecting me from a ton of 16 year olds.

I won't lie I lived VIP status.

anyway that was cool..


The days previous I got to hang out with my friends at campmeeting.





I saw alot of friends that I haven't saw in awhile...

Casey Cunningham, Shannon Laursen, Kyle Westfall, Ashley Miller, Amanda Lane, Aaron Cook, the Martins, Kristy Chism, Mike Jakobsons, Joe Jakobsons, Alana Bongard, Ricky Otto... [more name droppping to be added as i think of them]

We went to Madison and saw Rhythm and Booms fireworks show... That was Americana at its finest.


Ah snap! I went on the GRAVATRON!! that radical fair ride where you spin at warp speeds. It was soooooo much better than i remember as a kid.... and sooo much more expensive...


...i lost my cellphone somewhere....

campmeeting was a good time... and of course i went to all of my meetings...

hit a home run in softball. dropped an easy catch. etc etc.

ive just been having a great summer so far.


Shine Hope Smile Love [pt.I]

Today I died, today I was reborn.

I am a new person.

Polyphonic Spree.

I want to **** Goddesses, I want to shoot the purest Herion into my veins.

Nothing will compare to the thing which I jsut witnessed.

My life will never be the same. Music in the 4th dimension.

It is important that you understand what I am talking about.

There is no possible way to properly fathom the experience I just had.

All I can do I write words... it is an experience that one could only have in real life.

The emotional state, the adrenaline, the full range of sounds, the choreography, the hype hype hype...

I'm telling you. You will never see a better show than one given by the Polyphonic Spree.

They redefine music.

Now I will do my best to tell in words what is completely impossible.

Here goes...

Me, Gabriel, and Brad are at Cold Stone at Summerfest in Milwaukee when we here this amazing sound coming from a nearby stage...

We go to investigate and are instantly entranced. We see a band of about 27 kids about our age all singing and playing a huge spectrum of instruments.

There was one lead singer and a group of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen in the background singing also... pianos, drums, horns, flutes, chimes, a harp..... it keeps going.

The hype was unbelievable. It blows my mind that I never never heard of this band before.

It blows my mind that the crowd was so relatively small.

The lead singer tells us that this will be the last song.

As they sing, each member slowly leaves the stage, until it is only the crowd singing the chorus.

The next thing you know the whole band is dressed as angels running thru the crowd, then they go back on stage and keep playing.

At one point every single member is froze while the leader... who is somewhat Jesus looking and dressed sut walks around.

The leader honestly doesn't know that he is not JC himself by the way he leads the band and the crowd... he is often directing like a master music director... the whole band is constantly moving and smiling and singing.

It was more than my mind could hold.

The greatest band of all time is THE POLYPHONIC SPREE.

No food will ever have taste again.

No sound will ever be so pure.

No feel wil ever be felt again.

Sex will not be the same.

Alcohol and Cigarettes are no longer appealing.

You need in on this. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Polyphonic_Spree

The lead singers voice is the purest I've prolly ever heard.

The girls who sing behind him are no less in that area.

I think this band must be seen live to fully understand this audial-orgasm.

This music is all on a whole new plain.

They seem to do alot of covers along with their own stuff..

they push life over the edge.

Seriously... I can't even tell you how good today was.


Lifes Flair



Cousin plugging time...


Check his new song: "A Dream"

Good stuff.

Bad Idea

I learned last night that...

2 Week out dated yogurt + Grape and Raspbery Jelly + Fake Frosted Mini Wheats

=/= A Fruit and Yogurt Parfait.

You WILL wake up with worse gut-rot that ever before.


Dirty - Love

Yes! New blog inspiration.

So my roommate Gabriel from Italy... who is actually from Argentina... anyway... he moved in with me for the summer... has been wanting to go play tennis every since he got here.

I hate tennis... but like soccer I decided to give it another try and I found that it is one of the greatest sports alive!

here's why...

1. Fit Asian women hang out at the tennis courts.
2. I can pretend to be John McEnroe.
3. It is acceptable to make sex noises while striking the ball.
4. Tennis fashion for both men and women is very sexy.
5. Scoring is cool... Rob kept saying Dirty - Love.
I don't know what that means, but its sexy.

So from now on, if you can't find me I will most likely be at the tennis courts... courts? is that what they are called? anywho...


F tha Po-lease 3.0

Here is a recent discovery in the story from previous chapters..


..I found hoof prints on my door.

Milfs and Combos

So we learned this week that there are an elevated number of hot mothers who shop at Meijers... this is a huge bonus when you are standing out on the hot sun all day passing out the delicious pretzel snacks known only as combos. Maybe it was the hot sun, or the fact or the boredom, or the fact that we were making 17 dollars an hour, or the good company of me, jesse, gersh, and dave but it was a good day...

.. if anyone likes combos... i have 25 lbs of them.


Baby Hodag

I got a baby Hodag named Smaug aka Vivianne.

If I round up a digital camera ill post a pic or two.


top 8 humans of life

not in this order.

1. Eric Lisica
2. Stratton Tingle
3. Gershum Kim
4. Tyler Burns
5. Brett Newman.
6. Jesse Buller
7. Swayze
8. tba

Eff the Police Version 2.0

Check this shit.

I got pulled over by the 5-0

for.... not coming to a complete stop... not wearing a helmet... and wearing dark colored clothes at night...

then the pig looks at me and says..

"I know you.... arent you from the "sex palace"?"\

i said no you homo its the poon palace

DP wizzdumb




You got a war face? AHHHHHHHHHHH! That's a war face, let me see your war face!

It's been too long since we've had such an epic battle between two renowned dynasties.

The Celts are back from a long finals sabbatical and the Lakers want another chance without stupid Gary Payton to ruin it for them.


Stupid Gary Payton!!

Both teams saw some major trades this year with KG going to the Celtics and Gasol being traded to the Lakers.

I am only a current Lakers fan, since the Suns weren't so hot this year. Im stoked on any team that can beat the two teams i hate the most; Spurs and Pistons.




Lakers are going to win tho, I don't want any Boston/NE team to ever win anything. I want to drink the tears of certain people from that area.

This series is going to be decided by intensity the Warface.


Gasol has his warface!


KG has his Warface


Kobe brought his Warface!


Paul Pierce needs some warface work.