I jsut got my donor card back and apparently I'm O Positive.

So if any of you need some blood, i will be most accommodating.

O Positive Blood Type

Persons with O Positive Type Blood can recieve the following types of blood:

* O Positive
* O Negative

O Positive type blood can be safely given to persons with blood types:

* O Positive
* A Positive
* B Positive
* AB Positive

Interesting SDA Stuff

Some Photo Ideas

ok so i have an idea for a photoshoot that i would like lowry to help me with...

I wanna shoot someone in ITS around the computers... like... scared of the government/ alien abduction.

i wanna setup lights and stuff some night...

and they will prolly have some aluminum foil on their heads to block mind control.

and then i can have my new X files poster on the wall... not so noticable but jsut to add to a busy cluttered background

lets do it

as a side thought... there are some prime windows for staging and abduction...

I just need a semi nerdy... proper model...




Idea #2:

I just e-mailed several Funeral Homes in hopes of doing a self portrait in a casket.

Seems like it could be thought provoking...

Just me lying there in a crappy suit... will there be people around crying? i dunno..

maybe a discoball and techno music... maybe both.



This will simply require someone to push the button... or should i use the long trigger?

Should I have a reverend present? Will any funeral home go for this loony binned idea?


Idea #3-

This will double for 2 different projects... one that evolves into another...

Its something like Botticeli's Birth of Venus... sort of... anyway thats the inspiration...

It will be a girl in a vineyard? naked or not? or partially? standing on something...
in a like pose to B.O.V. holding grapes.

I need a girl a little more (or less) shapely than Venus. Dark hair... etc.

So in the end i doubt there will be much reference to BOV...

and who

Step two... I will eventually (by the end of the semester) turn it into a Mosaic for Art History class.

I plan to make my own tiles, and make my own paint... this sounds like a job for Whitefox...





Idea #4-

Maybe my best idea... the idea is to let some girls play dress up... this idea involves me not having an idea... some wicked crazy fashion shoot or something.

bright colors, techno music... energy.... yeh.... this is good.


Idea #5-

I wanna shoot The Glen Dog aka Glen the Wolfman... in his chicken suit... beer mug suit... wolf suit... leprachan suit... etc... i shot him once... but i feel like i need to again.


Idea #6-

There are a few girls at Andrews that I've been wanting to shoot... sut randoms with bright orange hair... freckles... etc... i'll email them now i think..

i wanna do a short self series with 4x5 color.


Idea #7-

Asian Shoot-- I really wanna do a bright colorful-yet high whites shoot with either 1 or 3 asians... dressed in Asianish clothes... and in my mind i see umbrellas... I see Red Green and or Yellow or Blue chinese style dresses with matching umbrellas... I also see crazy makeup ... with that rad Geisha style lipstick.


Idea # 8-

I've had an idea for a groupish hipsterish shoot... a bunch kids in the clothes the kids are wearing... those skinny jeans, spandex, those trendy scarves, sun glasses, bright colors... etc etc....


Idea # 9-

I've really been wanting to do a series on twins... there are a few running around out there... nothing solid for concept yet tho

Roswell, New Mexico

I'm thinking of going camping in Roswell for spring break or christmas break or something. Who is in? We will check out the site of the alien landing... take some metal detectors... and see how close to Area 51 we can get. Who's coming with me? Who's coming with me? who's coming? who's coming with me?

Art Students

This is definatly me!