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Team Gnar Shred

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Poppin' Shots....

I did a photoshoot for a local model a few days ago... here are a few favorites...


Gnar Shredding


So Gabriel and I are trying to become professional sandboarders.

Its harder than we thought.

It started pritty primitive with just a board that we found in Gersh's garage.


We also tried a shovel... not dice...

Then we moved to a skateboard deck... not much better

Currently we are working on modifying a Wal-Mart snowboard and an old wake board.

We have been reading many articles but nothing has been to helpful- in a freeish manner.

We don't feel like spending any money... but we did buy a cinnabun candle and an apple pie candle to give us some extra speed.

I got my first grab trick yesterday.

more to come...


Upon our 3rd trial

We learned that candle wax is grippy.

We found some new rad hills to shred the gnar on.

We need to go again with cameras and video cameras..

Our Sandboarding Crew is called Gnar Shred ™

THE END OF THE WORLD traveling. [pt.IV]

Today concluded my trip around the middle east.

The previous blogs will blow your dome scope and today and last night was a good ending to it all.

I ended my travels in Chicago the greatest city on earth. I stayed with Ian and Tyler...

[ian and tylers house]

we had a plain good night like usual...

... me and gabriel got lost to and from millenium park on our bikes...


I lost my wallet... no no my wallet was stolen by this guy that doesnt speak a real language...

...i understood "you want yayo?" and that was it.

anyway he stole it im real sure... it contained the $20 dollars that i needed to return home by train... my drivers license... my andrews id... and pictures of my children...

that was lame... so... tyler, gabriel, and I pulled together some money and to get from Division street to South Bend we found that we were short nearly 15 dollars.

So as we always do... we winged it.

[wheres derek and tyler?]

We went to Millenium Park and sat there with a sign until we have enuff money to ride the train home....


it turned out that some lady was so kind that she jsut handed us a twenty dollar bill.

that was cool... the next step would have been selling clothes and all of our possessions... selling gabriel into sex slavery... or doing things for money.

she saved us.

we made it home and here i sit a very happy dp.

[me sleeping by the observatory]

to end i would like to thank my friends that housed my sorry ass along the way...

First my mother...

next ashley

then a huge huge thanks to brad boivin- one of the best humans alive

then to tyler for begging with me.. and ian

then lowry and seth for picking us up and driving alot.

then gabriel for experiencing it all with me... you are my samwise gamgee...

to everyone i now owe... good luck seeing that money again sukkaz!!!!

dp salutes to a good summer

and more to come

[the crew]