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Walden Security [do not work for]

Walden Security is not a good company to work for. Despite them being considered one of TN's top jobs, they are just another company that does not value their employees and uses them up until they snap and quit. I was a recent victim of Walden and an unwarranted firing.

Walden Security has somewhat recently taken on Volkswagen at Enterprise South off of Bonny Oaks in Chattanooga.

Boy is that a train wreck. The job [was] to protect prototype secrets. Walden hires the worst possible supervisors they can find. Guys who are just up the evolutionary chain to monkeys, but also for good reason, maybe, because they only make 50 cents an hour more.

Organization from top to bottom is non-existent.

Let me walk you thru a typical hiring to firing process.

Hiring: Walden will hire and train just about anyone who can pass a criminal test. In the office they clueless office workers will paint you a picture of lollipops and gum drops. Telling you how great it is to work for Walden.. then when you have put in all the training time and 200 dollars in fees, then you will go to the site and then you will learn the truth.

Hope to take some time-off? Yeah right. They don't have enough people to give you time off apparently. They can just fire you if you take the time off that they told you, you could have when you applied and hire another dumbass to take your spot.

They put you through a 2 day training class taught by some self-righteous ex-military men, who pretty much just entertain a class of self-righteous ex-military clowns.

(Thank you for [DOING YOUR JOB] and protecting out country, being in the military doesn't make you better than anyone else.. meat-heads.)

Next they will take you out to VW where you'll meet your first few Post-Primate Supervisors who have obviously been over worked and do not want to be there seeing another group of faces, that by statistics will last anywhere from a day to a few weeks. You will receive a little more training.

Then stand around all day around some Prototype car parts or maybe a robot. After a few weeks the job will actually get better, while the management never seems to. You will be required to be to work every day 15-30 minutes early without pay, then they expect that you will not be relieved from your post for about 15 minutes after you have stopped being paid, then you have to wait for another Ape to bus you out to your car, 4 at a time, then you drive home.

On your average day working at Volkswagen for Walden; you will work about an hour extra for them with no pay, then get paid a whopping 11 dollars an hour, while everyone knows Walden is going to the bank every day.

They undercut all the competition to get the bid on VW, now they have about 200 guards out there and the management and organization is out of control.

When I applied for this job it sounded to good to be true and it was. If you stop any other security guard working for VW and ask them how they like it, they will not hesitate to tell you how bad it is.

I told the office worker when I applied that I had a wedding coming up later in the summer, of which I was in, and people were relying on me. She said "Oh thats fine, just put in for it off 2 weeks in advance."

So knowing how poorly Walden is managed I put in for time off 3 weeks in advance hoping for the best, then again 2 weeks in advance just to have my bases covered. As kind of expected Walden hit another home-run. The day before my trip, of which my tickets were bought and my bags were packed. I was scheduled to work.

I told my supervisor what had happened, and he told me to go ahead and go. He knew that I was a good and reliable worker. He knew I had never missed a day and never called in sick, like to many others.

Long story short.. I was fired. I was called into the office and that same PAIGE CRUMBLISS that told me I could get that wedding off.. replied to me "Oh just because you put in for time off doesn't mean you'll get it.

THANK YOU WALDEN. You are a real Peach.

Now I have a marred employment record after I worked hard for you.

(disclaimer there ARE three decent able-brained supervisors; who loved me when I worked for them. Their say did not come into account when I questioned my firing, because they too are unappreciated employees of Walden Security)

Oh AND, she told he I needed to sign some release paperwork, to which I responded. "Uhm no, I don't think I'll sign that."



Based on a True Story.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Rated R due to Graphic Language and Violence, Blood, Gore and Drug Use, with some Sensuality.

[if you are above the age of 28 or under the age of 18 please DO NOT continue reading]

The date was December 21, 2009. 9:32 pm.

My partner and I were commissioned to do some investigating a few neighborhoods over.

He went by the code name Falco, as for me I was Phoenix.

We received a report months earlier about some disturbances in the Q9 Sector of town, so they called us in.

The A squad, the big guns.

It was a chilly night, not a sound for miles except the whirring on a distant tugboat on the Tennessee river. As we approached the neighborhood Falco filled me in on the details.

Her name was Catherine, 72 years old. The complains held that her neighbors were evil criminal masterminds. It was the job of Falco and I to catch these bastards. These sons-of-bitches were waking up every single night raising all kinds of hell in response to a wits battle that had somehow started between Catherine and the Hymen family, of 13A Bleaker Street.

The only visible life on the street was the gay Mr.Bernard of 12 Bleaker walking his dog. Bernard owned the salon down on 37th. We nodded cordially as we walked by pretending not to notice his pink asian patterned silk nightgown, or the hideous little rat of a chihuahua at his side taking a shit on the neighbors lawn all the while dressed up in a gaudy little sparkling sequence sweater. "wtf" I thought.

We has parked a block away, Falco dressed as a homeless man, and I dressed as a bush. We were damned prepared. I was packing some major heat hidden in my branches, and I knew that my partner had several automatics and explosives in the shopping cart which he pushed as he tended to the numerous rubbish bins along Bleaker.

We had headsets so that we could easily communicate for when the shit would inevitably hit the fan. We both were positioned on opposite ends of the yard, so we had optimal-prime eyesights on the perimeter.

Falco had sat again the old wooden fence curled up with a colt 44, while I continued to look very bushy. I had a flask of whisky that helped to ward off the cold chill creeping up my spine. I knew that at any minutes these assholes would be sneaking through the yard to mess with poor old miss Catherine.

As I hid in the foliage I took another look through my casefile, in hopes that I would be more prepared for the devilish shenanigans these pranksters were about to pull. Report #56453547-7A read that these so called neighbors were dropping refrigerators in her backyard all night. Report 23456789-3C said that they were waking her up again with a loud buzzing noise. Report 86238929-56R stated that they were waking her up by banging on her fence then chucking cinderblocks at her patio. It made me sick to my stomach, how can anyone be so inhum---

"Pheonix we got something at 7 o'clock". I stuffed the reports back into my jacket pocket and pointed my Canon in the direction that my comrade had indicated. An old '89 Ford ranger had pulled up and a tall dark character emerged from the scufflerjunt. He was closer to Falco than I so Falco went in pursuit. I snuck around and scrawled down the license plate number. They were local Tennessee plates, we knew this had to be our guy.

Next I slithered up a tree shortly after switching my disguise from a small bonsai tree to a pelican. I sat perched on a branch and made the pelican making call that I had rehearsed with Falco earlier that day, it was textbook. He replied and that was when I caught sight of the cock-sucker assailant slipping through the darkness in the direction of Catherine's small little cottage.

I knew that poor old Catherine was in her cottage doing her best to sleep in the middle of her house, which happened to be a hallway with a giant industrial fan blowing on her to block out the noise. She was very likely drunk as that had been helping pass the sleepless nights. I could smell her cats in the cold night breeze, thats when my partner who has a severe cat allergy sneezed.

The culprit turned about and pointed his weapon, I knew this was my chance before he could blast my guy with his massive hand cannon, I soared out of the tree; "caw caw" In one fell swoop I landed a judo chop on his shoulder making him drop the gun.

The guy was 2 maybe 4 times my size, but I didn't sweat it. He swung with all his might just barely grazing my chin. I counted with direct kick to his knee splintering his bones. You could hear a grotesque crack as his knee shattered. He gave another valiant effort when he threw himself with all his will pushing from his good leg to throw yet another punch. I dodged again, this time I grabbed his wrist with one hand pulling his arm straight, and with my free hand did an upwards:push:grab to his elbow sending it in the opposite direction.

My plan had worked his arm broke like a hot knife through butter. Yet still this bastard would not give in. He crawled back a few furlongs and managed to find some health and body armor. I knew it was really on now, that's when Falco came to repay the favor. Wreaking of malt beer a homeless clad man flew over the fence, and applied a power elbow bomb of death to the top of his miscreants head, but just then:


a huge flash of light and a thunderous noise came from the direction of Catherines house. Startled Falco and I fell back and looked in the direction of the old coots house. The criminal fell over with a single stream of blood trickling down from between his eyes. Then all we saw was a giant silver western style pistol being pointed from the shadows only lit by a nearby street lamp.

When out of the shadows hobbled old Mrs. Catherine. "Motherfuckers makin too much noise!"



Phoenix: Derek Peters
Falco: Stratton Tingle
Mrs.Catherine: Dora Myers
Gay Bernard: Josh Michalski
Bad Guy: Brandon Lowry

Executive Producer:
Chris Lyons
Jon-Michel Brown
Stunt Department:
Jai Kijai
Production Manager:
David Surmann
Art Director:
Jonathan Jakobsons
Screen Writer:
Staci Tedrick
Special Effects:
Brad Boivin
Hair and Make Up:
Shasling Delgado
Set Design:
Ed Blotnicki

Prophets and Kings
Fever Ray
Danny Elfman
Nine Inch Nails
Crystal Castles
Young Buck
Lil Wayne

Black Face Cowboys Cheerleader


You will read an article about one of the Cowboys cheerleaders dressing up as Lil Wayne for Halloween.

She painted herself completely black, had the grill, tattoos, dreads etc.

She is likely going to be fired from her job as a cheerleader for this and it has become extremely controversial. Because people are saying it is racist.. it is going into "black face"

What do you think about this?

I think that what she did is something risky but not wrong.

Wikipedia says:

Blackface is theatrical makeup used by white people to play black people. In the United States, where the practice became popular during the 19th century, it became associated with certain archetypes of American racism such as the "happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation" or the "dandified coon ".[1] Hence Blackface has become associated with racism, particularly in the USA, so that the term may be used in a broader sense to include similarly stereotyped performances even when they do not involve blackface makeup.

Black Face

This is how it was back in the early 1900's and before because African Americans were not allow in the theaters or allowed to act.

The reason I think that Whitney Isleib should not be looked down upon, for this is simplly her intentions. She was not intending to mock Black People, she is on a cheer team with many African American's who where also at this party and had no problem with it.

The reason she is getting fired is:
1: This is politically incorrect because of some ignorant people many years ago.
2. NFL Cheerleaders have a high standard of living/working, apparently.
3. She posted these pictures on Facebook for all to see.

I will remind my readers of a movie called Tropic Thunder. Where Robert D. Jr. becomes a "black man" and I'm pretty sure people thought it was great.

Is dressing up and painting your skin the same as Black-face?

I think that it's two different things.

Next White Chicks, this is just the opposite of this, and also Dave Chappelle often went into "White Face", where he arguably mocked white people, because we thought it was funny.

I think that if people don't relax and stop crying "racism!" everytime anyone does something like this racism will never really end.

It's true that there was a time when Black Face was used in a discriminatory way, but was what Whitney Isleib did black face? or dressing up as Lil Wayne just for fun BECAUSE IT WAS HALLOWEEN.

This halloween here in Chicago I saw a Bartender actually in Black Face. Just a black face, huge red lip stick and white around his eyes. Making Blacks look as goony as possible, and no one raised an eyebrow at this.

I see people dressing up at Pancho Villa, Native Americans, The Maverick, etc.

I wore a Michael Jackson mask, is that Black Face?

And it is Lil Wayne. It's not like he is some super respectable citizen. Sure he's a great rapper.. but if someone was mocking someone like our President that could be a different story.

Whitney Isleib did this to be cool and trendy. Not to make fun of any race.

Halloween is saw by most as Satan's holiday, and I'm pretty sure more people are offended by Satan costumes than dressing up like a popular rapper.

Tell me what you think.

[read more here]

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Zombieland is completely ideal.

Without massive amounts of people... material possessions no longer become an obsession.

All that we really require is survival.

The Human race would be complete if they would just hit rock bottom.

At the end of the movie he says "Without other people you are just a zombie"

I say... with people you are a zombie. walking around with blank expressions... moaning... thiiiinnngs thhhiiinnnnngssss..

more shit i dont neeeeeeeeed!


Derek is a male name of English and Old German origin, derived from the same root as the Old German Theodoric,[1] meaning power of the tribe or ruler of the people. Variants recently revived are Deryk, Deric, Derak and the Dutch form Dirk, popularised by the actor Dirk Bogarde. In recent years it has been used occasionally as a family name, for example Bo Derek.

Levi (לוי; Standard Levy; Tiberian Lēwî; "attached", "joining") was, according to the Book of Genesis, the third son of Jacob and Leah, and the founder of the Israelite tribe of Levi (the Levites). Levi is a masculine given name. It means "joined to" in Hebrew.

Tedrick: # American meaning of the name TEDRICK for a boy:
* gift from God
# English meaning of the name TEDRICK for a boy:
* variation of Theodore, ruler of the people
# German meaning of the name TEDRICK for a boy:
* variation of Theodoric, ruler of the people


Definition: A patronymic surname meaning "son of Peter." The given name Peter is derived from the Greek "petros" meaning "stone."

Surname Origin: English, German

Alternate Surname Spellings: PETER, PETERSON




If you don't know about the program Monolingual, you might be as lame as I was 30 minutes ago.

This is one of the best ways to free up precious space on your wank machine.

It allows you to choose which languages to keep and which to ditch. I don't plan on ever using anything other than English. So I deleted all but English.

Mac allows you to change your whole computer and all its components into about 80 different languages which this Mac has a profile for.

This freed up over 3 gbs for me, the program is still running and continues to free up space.


The next best way that I have found to save space is to delete the preinstalled Printer Drivers.

You can choose to delete all or some. If you really need one later you can just install that driver at the time of need.

This gave me about 2 additional gigabytes.

Learn it.

Summer 2009- The beginning of the end of the beginning.

News update on me.

I graduated, they tried to break my stride, they tried to pull me down. Oh no, I got to keep on movin, stay alive.

The next day I had an interview with Johnson Rauhoff, this rad photo firm in Benton Harbor.. so now I wait with my fingers crossed.

This summer is going to be more epic that last summer. Gabriel will not be here with me, so now I'm accepting applications for a co-pilot on this journey.

I've cut the red tape with giant scissors, in a weekend trip to chicago to hang out with Joey and Bradley. Took a train over yesterday, i'm still reading On the Road by Jack Keroauc. I will finish a book.