I'm just going to say it...

I was just thinking about how rude it would be to wake up early and drink a bunch of coffee, then go home and piss in the coffee pot. Your roommates would wake up to the smell of hot coffee, and be real stoked only to find that it is coffee flavored piss.


Flowers in your hair.

So the plan.


Around the US in 15 days... actually i'm skipping the east coast cuz ive saw most of it.

I want to do some alien hunting and see some people out in cali. ive never been west of colorade and I was younger than buck in those days.

I just want to see things and take pictures of those things, so if you are in Cali and want to let me borrow ya couch. that would be nice of you.

food will also be accepted with a smile. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what i should see while im away?

Grand canyon.. hollywood... area 51... roswell... etc? holla

[From Chris Lyons]
no lie ive been planning the same kinda thing, but i never considered the train angle. hmm. i wanna have a daily or bi-daily blog with photography when i do it. you should sign up here http://www.couchsurfing.com/
it's a network of people who share their couches for free.
1. in AZ you def wanna see Grand Canyon and the Red Rock Country
2. colorado has garden of the gods and mesa verde to name a few, not to mention badass snowboarding and rock climbing
3. Cali has everything. Alcatraz, Yosemite, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, John Muir Trail, hollywood, golden gate bridge, and the whole coastline is amazing for photography
4. Oregon has the Cascade Mountains, Crater Lake
5. S. Dakota has the badlands
6. If you're in Utah you wanna see monument valley
7. Wyoming has Yellowstone Natl park
8. Las vegas in nevada and area 51
9. of course there's roswell NM
i know there are a million amazing places to go that i missed but there- you have some options

LIghts in the Sky

Last Night we went and saw Nine Inch Nails in Grand Rapids at the Van Andel Center.
We got there and they upgraded us to VIP for some reason. It was rad. Their lightshow was amazing. They has a screen in front of them and a screen behind. The screen in front was like... interactive.

Theres tons of videos online already...

So Glad

So glad these darned elections are over, hopefully I won't have to hear about it anymore, and have democrats try to tell me that that i think or believe is wrong and how there is only one way to think.I'm not so stoked on our president elect, but I wasnt stoked on Bill Clinton either and he turned out to be a pretty rad prez. I think that with the way the world is going there is only one direction that the world will be going and that isnt up, and that isnt a bad thing.

I have to apologize for my lack of interesting blogs. I have secretly figured out what one of the big stimuli is, the other is my killer class schedule.

I used to feel so responsible for entertaining my flock, and I haven't had a decent blog that was worth reading in months.

So i decided for my next blog that i am going to require something from you... send me a picture of yourself performing the WU TANG symbol with your hands.

do it right now before you forget.

Done getcha mid blown

watch this...

and watch x-files season 7 episode 13.

This will end those deceiving girls stupid "myspace shots"