Walden Security [do not work for]

Walden Security is not a good company to work for. Despite them being considered one of TN's top jobs, they are just another company that does not value their employees and uses them up until they snap and quit. I was a recent victim of Walden and an unwarranted firing.

Walden Security has somewhat recently taken on Volkswagen at Enterprise South off of Bonny Oaks in Chattanooga.

Boy is that a train wreck. The job [was] to protect prototype secrets. Walden hires the worst possible supervisors they can find. Guys who are just up the evolutionary chain to monkeys, but also for good reason, maybe, because they only make 50 cents an hour more.

Organization from top to bottom is non-existent.

Let me walk you thru a typical hiring to firing process.

Hiring: Walden will hire and train just about anyone who can pass a criminal test. In the office they clueless office workers will paint you a picture of lollipops and gum drops. Telling you how great it is to work for Walden.. then when you have put in all the training time and 200 dollars in fees, then you will go to the site and then you will learn the truth.

Hope to take some time-off? Yeah right. They don't have enough people to give you time off apparently. They can just fire you if you take the time off that they told you, you could have when you applied and hire another dumbass to take your spot.

They put you through a 2 day training class taught by some self-righteous ex-military men, who pretty much just entertain a class of self-righteous ex-military clowns.

(Thank you for [DOING YOUR JOB] and protecting out country, being in the military doesn't make you better than anyone else.. meat-heads.)

Next they will take you out to VW where you'll meet your first few Post-Primate Supervisors who have obviously been over worked and do not want to be there seeing another group of faces, that by statistics will last anywhere from a day to a few weeks. You will receive a little more training.

Then stand around all day around some Prototype car parts or maybe a robot. After a few weeks the job will actually get better, while the management never seems to. You will be required to be to work every day 15-30 minutes early without pay, then they expect that you will not be relieved from your post for about 15 minutes after you have stopped being paid, then you have to wait for another Ape to bus you out to your car, 4 at a time, then you drive home.

On your average day working at Volkswagen for Walden; you will work about an hour extra for them with no pay, then get paid a whopping 11 dollars an hour, while everyone knows Walden is going to the bank every day.

They undercut all the competition to get the bid on VW, now they have about 200 guards out there and the management and organization is out of control.

When I applied for this job it sounded to good to be true and it was. If you stop any other security guard working for VW and ask them how they like it, they will not hesitate to tell you how bad it is.

I told the office worker when I applied that I had a wedding coming up later in the summer, of which I was in, and people were relying on me. She said "Oh thats fine, just put in for it off 2 weeks in advance."

So knowing how poorly Walden is managed I put in for time off 3 weeks in advance hoping for the best, then again 2 weeks in advance just to have my bases covered. As kind of expected Walden hit another home-run. The day before my trip, of which my tickets were bought and my bags were packed. I was scheduled to work.

I told my supervisor what had happened, and he told me to go ahead and go. He knew that I was a good and reliable worker. He knew I had never missed a day and never called in sick, like to many others.

Long story short.. I was fired. I was called into the office and that same PAIGE CRUMBLISS that told me I could get that wedding off.. replied to me "Oh just because you put in for time off doesn't mean you'll get it.

THANK YOU WALDEN. You are a real Peach.

Now I have a marred employment record after I worked hard for you.

(disclaimer there ARE three decent able-brained supervisors; who loved me when I worked for them. Their say did not come into account when I questioned my firing, because they too are unappreciated employees of Walden Security)

Oh AND, she told he I needed to sign some release paperwork, to which I responded. "Uhm no, I don't think I'll sign that."