Black Face Cowboys Cheerleader


You will read an article about one of the Cowboys cheerleaders dressing up as Lil Wayne for Halloween.

She painted herself completely black, had the grill, tattoos, dreads etc.

She is likely going to be fired from her job as a cheerleader for this and it has become extremely controversial. Because people are saying it is racist.. it is going into "black face"

What do you think about this?

I think that what she did is something risky but not wrong.

Wikipedia says:

Blackface is theatrical makeup used by white people to play black people. In the United States, where the practice became popular during the 19th century, it became associated with certain archetypes of American racism such as the "happy-go-lucky darky on the plantation" or the "dandified coon ".[1] Hence Blackface has become associated with racism, particularly in the USA, so that the term may be used in a broader sense to include similarly stereotyped performances even when they do not involve blackface makeup.

Black Face

This is how it was back in the early 1900's and before because African Americans were not allow in the theaters or allowed to act.

The reason I think that Whitney Isleib should not be looked down upon, for this is simplly her intentions. She was not intending to mock Black People, she is on a cheer team with many African American's who where also at this party and had no problem with it.

The reason she is getting fired is:
1: This is politically incorrect because of some ignorant people many years ago.
2. NFL Cheerleaders have a high standard of living/working, apparently.
3. She posted these pictures on Facebook for all to see.

I will remind my readers of a movie called Tropic Thunder. Where Robert D. Jr. becomes a "black man" and I'm pretty sure people thought it was great.

Is dressing up and painting your skin the same as Black-face?

I think that it's two different things.

Next White Chicks, this is just the opposite of this, and also Dave Chappelle often went into "White Face", where he arguably mocked white people, because we thought it was funny.

I think that if people don't relax and stop crying "racism!" everytime anyone does something like this racism will never really end.

It's true that there was a time when Black Face was used in a discriminatory way, but was what Whitney Isleib did black face? or dressing up as Lil Wayne just for fun BECAUSE IT WAS HALLOWEEN.

This halloween here in Chicago I saw a Bartender actually in Black Face. Just a black face, huge red lip stick and white around his eyes. Making Blacks look as goony as possible, and no one raised an eyebrow at this.

I see people dressing up at Pancho Villa, Native Americans, The Maverick, etc.

I wore a Michael Jackson mask, is that Black Face?

And it is Lil Wayne. It's not like he is some super respectable citizen. Sure he's a great rapper.. but if someone was mocking someone like our President that could be a different story.

Whitney Isleib did this to be cool and trendy. Not to make fun of any race.

Halloween is saw by most as Satan's holiday, and I'm pretty sure more people are offended by Satan costumes than dressing up like a popular rapper.

Tell me what you think.

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